Public Works Department



Street, Parks, Water & Wastewater, Golf Course

Services of the City of Mountain Grove Public Works Department

    Designs, builds, and maintains city streets and sidewalks

    Annually operates and maintains 43 miles of streets

    Maintains  12 publicly-owned City buildings

    Coordinates snow removal on 43 miles of streets

    Operates two wastewater treatment plants

    Maps, cleans, and repairs nearly 50 miles of sewer lines

    Maintains nearly 50 miles of water Distribution lines

    Maintains 1.5 million gallons of water storage and 5 deep wells


    The Operation Division of Public Works is responsible for maintaining 15 municipal building

    fleet maintenance, City right-or-way, and publicly-owned trees and grounds. The division

    coordinates the maintenance of all municipal building and structures. It also maintains and fuels

    nearly 32 City vehicles

The Operations Division includes these groups:

    Building Maintenance

    Public Grounds

Sanitary Services Division

    The Sanitary Services Division collects and treats wastewater generated in Mtn. Grove

    Sanitary Services also works with local industries to maintain their compliance with

    wastewater discharge regulations.

Street Maintenance Division

    This division maintains and cleans 43 miles of City streets annually. During winter months,

    the division removes snow from the equivalent of 43 miles.


City of Mountain Grove, Mo 65711


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